CD DVD Plastic Wallets

Clear plastic wallets for CDs and DVDs

Transparent clear plastic wallets with flap and stitching for durability and protection of your CDs and DVDs. Made from minimum 120 micron clear plastic to protect your discs from dust, scratching and sunlight.

You can either have these on their own or perhaps with a custom printed insert. Either a 1 page insert which is a simple front cover, a 2 page insert which consists of a front cover and rear artwork. Or alternatively a 4 page insert which has a front, back and two pages on the inside.

Clear plastic wallets for CDs and DVDsClear Plastic Wallets

Simple, lightweight and effective at protecting your discs.
PLEASE NOTE: Prices shown are for when purchased alongside CD Duplication or DVD printing.

Quantity No Print 1 page
printed insert
2 page
printed insert
4 page
printed insert
10   £5 £6 £10 Buy Now
20   £8 £10 £16 Buy Now
50   £17.50 £22.50 £25 Buy Now
100   £33 £42 £47 Buy Now
200   £60 £78 £88 Buy Now
300   £81 £108 £123 Buy Now
400   £96 £132 £152 Buy Now
500   £105 £150 £175 Buy Now
1000   £200 £250 £300 Buy Now

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