CD DVD Jewel Cases

Standard CD jewel case

We are proud to offer standard CD jewel case for CD printing and DVD duplication. Fully customisable for your new product with printed insert, cover for the front and tray artwork.

Standard CD jewel case Jewel Cases

The industry standard album cases with full artwork cover and spine. Black or clear disc trays available.

QuantityNo Print1 page printed
insert + 1pp tray
2 page printed
insert + 1pp tray
4 page printed
insert + 1pp tray
10£7£36£44£48Buy Now
20£12£60£77£87Buy Now
50£25£120£162£186Buy Now
100£40£186£264£312Buy Now
200£76£216£288£336Buy Now
300£108£246£306£354Buy Now
400£136£276£318£366Buy Now
500£1160£306£324£372Buy Now
1000£300£516£600£684Buy Now
QuantityNo Print1 page printed
insert + 2pp tray
2 page printed
insert + 2pp tray
4 page printed
insert + 2pp tray
10£7£38£45£50Buy Now
20£12£63£80£89Buy Now
50£25£124£166£190Buy Now
100£40£207£282£330Buy Now
200£76£234£306£354Buy Now
300£108£264£330£378Buy Now
400£136£300£354£402Buy Now
500£160£324£378£426Buy Now
1000£300£552£636£756Buy Now

Standard CD jewel cases are the cases as used for most CD albums that you buy. They are of a hard jewel case with either a black or clear tray liner into which a full colour print rear tray insert which also includes the spine artwork for discs. This is placed and then a cover ‘booklet’ is inserted into the front of the case.

Custom printed booklets can be a single sheet printed for a 1page, 2page or 4page booklet. Or you can add to this to create an 8 page booklet (two stapled 4 page sheets) or a 16 page booklet (four stapled 4 page sheets).

While jewel cases have a tendency to crack or break because of their brittle nature, they are still popular where extensive track lyrics are required. Or when a CD digipack is not the best option.

For alternative packaging solutions for your CDs and DVDs please visit here.

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