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Clam Shell CD DVD Packaging Clam Shells

The size of the disc, clam shell cases protect the disc with a rigid plastic feel and yet only slightly larger than the disc itself.

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Clam Shell CD DVD Packaging

This unbranded transparent Clear Clamshell is a great way to send your CD’s or DVD’s.
If you would like any extra protection then you can use the adhesive cloth inlays.

Clam Shells or C-Shells are a great impact for resistant packaging solution and are half the weight and thickness of a standard jewel case which make them ideal for sending out in the post.

Available configurations of the C-Shell include the 12cm, 8cm and business card sized shells and the cases come in different colours too.

A great streamlined packaging solution, the clamshell case provides great protection to your CD and DVD and Blu-ray disc. Made of semi clear, flexible plastic, the clamshell’s shape provides plenty of security and protection for your CD and DVD offerings. The interior has a locking dock for your disc and the shell clicks and locks shut to stay closed when you want it shut.

With the clamshell case, your CD DVD printed artwork will be show cased. It shows though the semi-transparent clamshell case while providing better protection for each disc.

You can order your discs 24/7

Greatnew clear ultra-light packaging for DVD or CD

No way to damage a DVD or CD with these great new Clamshells, large stock available for immediate delivery.

These Clamshell DVD CD cases are super clear, they will never crack or break in any way. They are super light and provide for cheap postage costs and packaging.

We offer a full range of packaging solutions here.

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