We are pleased to offer a few extra services on top of our custom printed products. These are to compliment what products we have to offer and are a way of making the process of you receiving your products quicker and to the best possible quality. If you have any questions on the services offered below, please do not hesitate to ask.

Graphic Design

Our team of designers are able to produce your very own artwork, to only the highest possible standard. We have experience of designing thousands of designs varying from simple logo’s to multilayed artwork.

Audio Mastering

From the source recording you provide, we can work on it to produce an optimised piece of audio with certain improvements made to the sound. This is recorded to a master CD which can then be duplicated from.

Album Info Upload

When a CD is played on a stereo with text reading capabilities, this information is stored directly on the disc. However, when inserted into a computer programmes like Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and iTunes etc all use an online database that holds the disc information.