Convert Video Audio Tape to Digital

With our background in all things audio and visual, we are also proud to offer the service of digitising all our old tapes which you may have lying around your home.



From the 1970s to the early 2000s, video and audio cassettes were the easiest way to record in a home setting all your family memories or milestone events. And as time goes on, these tapes will slowly start to degrade.

Why not use our digitising services to bring these tapes back to life and relive all those past memories that may have been lost forever!

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Convert Audio Cassette tapes to DVD

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We are able to convert these current tape formats. Please ask us if you have a different format tape and we’ll see what we can do.

[bscolumns class=”one_half”]Video Formats:
Video8 / Hi8
8cm DVD[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”one_half_last_clear”]Audio Formats:
Audio Cassette

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With being Northamptonshire based, we are happy for you to drop off your tapes with us rather than posting for piece of mind.

Turnaround is 48hrs from receiving the tape, may be longer depending on how many tapes you have left with us.


Our prices include being supplied either on DVD/CD (2 copies per tape) or digital download link.

Upto 1hr = £15
1hr+ = £20

If you have a number of tapes you would like converting at the same time then we are happy to work out a price specifically for you.

VHS to MP4
Why not save on physical space and access any part of your home movie by converting your memories to MP4 files with the ability for playback on many devices.

Mini DV to DVD
Very small in size and with fantastic digital quality. It makes sense to take the next step and transfer your Mini DV footage to DVD.

Hi8 and Video8 to DVD
The most popular of handheld camcorder formats. We transfer many of these tapes every day to the simplicity of DVD.

Digital8 to DVD
One of the first of Sony’s digital formats and again DVD offers great high quality progression.

VHS tapes take up a lot of room and as with all video tapes they loose quality every time they are played. Save your memories from fading by having your VHS tapes transferred to DVD.

Compact VHS to DVD
One of the earliest camcorder formats. VHS-C use the same size tape as VHS and with the use of an adaptor they could be played in your full size VHS player.

Damaged Tapes
Snapped tape? Damaged cassette housing? We endeavour to make repairs to most formats. Options include re-housing of tapes and or splicing of damaged sections.

Overseas Conversions
Our discs are produced in the PAL system and are region zero. We can work from overseas tapes. Share your worldwide family memories!