CD DVD Digipacks

Custom Printed Digipacks

We are please to offer great custom printed Digipacks to compliment your CD Duplication and DVD Printing.

Custom printed Digipacks

Custom Printed DigiPacks

These are the most fully customisable cases on the market where everything can be printed on. Most band albums with CD release today use these.

Please note there is a 5 day turnaround on these. PRICES SHOWN ARE FOR THE PACKAGING ONLY.

Quantity  Digipacks  With Shrinkwrapping
10 N/A
20 N/A
50 £150 (£3.00 per unit) £155 (£3.10 per unit) Buy Now
100 £210 (£2.10 per unit) £220 (£2.20 per unit) Buy Now
200 £330 (£1.65 per unit) £350 (£1.75 per unit) Buy Now
300 £400 (£1.33 per unit) £430 (£1.43 per unit) Buy Now
400 £510 (£1.27 per unit) £550 (£1.37 per unit) Buy Now
500 £590 (£1.18 per unit) £640 (£1.28 per unit) Buy Now
1000 £950 (95p per unit) £1050 (£1.05 per unit) Buy Now

This great-looking, eco-friendly CD DVD packaging that’s available from small to large quantities and perfect for promoting, advertising and retail. Look no further than Digipack packages from Demomaster are available in quantities as few as 100 and can be ready in as fast as 4 days. They include free UV coating so your Digipacks will last 10 years longer than regular Digipacks.

Great for taking on tour, Digipacks are durable and lightweight, making them a great choice for musicians  and productions on tour. So if you’re looking for a great, affordable package that will be easy to carry and look amazing on your merchandise table, choose Digipacks from Demomaster.

Alternative packaging solutions for CDs and DVDs can be found here.

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